Problems Caused Due to Pretty Park Virus in Windows XP and Recovery »

A computer virus is a software code or program that piggybacks on other programs. For instance, a particular virus could be specifically meant for the spreadsheet program. When you attempt to open a spreadsheet, the virus may automatically run and reproduce itself. Some viruses might wreak havoc and ultimately, require you to format your hard […]

How to delete your own Windows XP Account »

If you are selling your old laptop and your user account is active, you will probably want to delete all your private files, Internet browsing history and everything else that can be traced back to you. The easiest way is to format your hard drive, but this may not be possible if you don’t have […]

Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP »

Do you still use Windows XP and don’t plan to upgrade any time soon, but are tired of the ‘old’ XP look? If yes, maybe you’d like to try something more modern? If you like the way Windows 7 looks, you can apply a Windows 7 theme in your Windows XP system. By installing a […]

System Mechanic »

Have you ever heard of System Mechanic? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t. I am always looking for software that speeds up slow computers and cleans the hard drive, and I just found a new one. System Mechanic is a program that’s designed to clean, fix, speed up and repair your PC. It is created […]

Automatic logoff after login in Windows XP Home »

I spent the last weekend trying to solve a problem for a friend. He called me to clean a virus from his PC. I thought this would be a quick and easy job… My antivirus program found several infections and proceeded to remove them, but then the PC suddenly rebooted in the middle of the cleaning […]