Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP

windows 7 themeDo you still use Windows XP and don’t plan to upgrade any time soon, but are tired of the ‘old’ XP look? If yes, maybe you’d like to try something more modern? If you like the way Windows 7 looks, you can apply a Windows 7 theme in your Windows XP system. By installing a free theme such as the one Vishal Gupta offers, you can make your older (but familiar and stable) XP system look like brand new.

All you have to do to make this change is download the Windows 7 theme, install the required files and apply the new theme.

I just tested it and I must say I like how my new Windows XP looks!

To download the free windows 7 theme, please visit this page. There is no quick way to install it, but if you have 10 minutes time and a little patience, you will be rewarded for the effort. The process isn’t very difficult either.

To read detailed instructions, please visit Vishal Gupta’s Web site or this page. Vishal also shows ways to transform Windows Vista into Windows 7.

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