The Emergence of Mobile Devices in the Workplace »

In the past five years the popularity and success of smartphones in particular have provided a great deal of flexibility and integration when working in or around the office. The International Data Corporation report that 153.9 million smartphones were sold worldwide in Q2 2012, demonstrating the demand for such devices. There are a number of benefits […]

Cloud Servers: PC to Smartphone »

Cloud servers offer many perks for both PC users, and Smart phone users, especially if you’re using both. Virtual storage using cloud servers makes backing up important documents easy, which you can quickly and easily access, as well as being able to share contacts, bookmarks and more between devices. Cloud apps for your Smart phone […]

Mobile Web Traffic Dominated by iPad »

Apple’s iPad dominates the market of mobile web traffic with a share of 98%, says the latest report from Onswipe company, which develops different solutions for content optimization for touchscreen devices and that can track device and engagement data via the aptly-named Onswipe platform. It was the first study of such type and Onswipe analyzed […]

ibibo’s Mobile Browser – ibibo iBrowser »

Brothersoft – India’s largest Social Gaming Network ibibo has introduced a new Mobile Browser – the ibibo iBrowser. ibibo iBrowser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser that allows you to access internet on your phone. The browser offers ease of access to thousands of cool websites from your mobile phone. With ibibo iBrowser, you can […]