Mobile Web Traffic Dominated by iPad »

Apple’s iPad dominates the market of mobile web traffic with a share of 98%, says the latest report from Onswipe company, which develops different solutions for content optimization for touchscreen devices and that can track device and engagement data via the aptly-named Onswipe platform. It was the first study of such type and Onswipe analyzed […]

Vodio App For iPad Review »

The Vodio App is an awesome application for the iPad that organizes your video stream. It not only allows you to easily watch videos from different sources but also has an impressive display, thanks to the iPad. The Vodio iPhone app however, requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with the iPad. The controls […]

Apple Announce the New iPad »

Apple have today, at around 6.15pm GMT, announced their brand new iPad. This brings an end to the traditional months of rumours and speculation surrounding a new Apple device. So, what features are on the finished article? A5X Processor – The boost up to the A5X processor, the part that had been leaked a few […]

Apple iPad – Good or Bad? »

I know, this is a PC blog, but I couldn’t resist writing about the new addition to the Apple family – the ‘mighty’ iPad. It was introduced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs few days ago and you could hear something about it on almost every news channel. Now the tech community has a reason to […]