Vodio App For iPad Review

vodio-iconThe Vodio App is an awesome application for the iPad that organizes your video stream. It not only allows you to easily watch videos from different sources but also has an impressive display, thanks to the iPad. The Vodio iPhone app however, requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with the iPad. The controls are simple and easy to learn, and it has some impressive features that no other app has. In short, it is a great app for someone who loves watching videos.

The Vodio App For iPad allows users to rate the video he or she watches and takes those ratings and in turn develops a suggestion pattern for you. That is to say, it will then display or feature videos that the user is most likely to enjoy based on their previous preferences and ratings. While this ratings format has been successful with music apps like Pandora, this is the first app that has applied to videos.

The Vodio iPad app’s primary feature is that it organizes your video in channels. In other words, you could have an entertainment channel or a music video channel making viewing downright easy. It also has a buzz channel that features the hottest videos that are trending for that day so that the viewer is kept up to date on the latest videos. The Vodio iPad app also supports individual channels such as NRP Music, Current TV, Mashable etc. Not only can you customize your set up, but also put about top nine channels on your Vodio homepage.

Its organizational and other unique functions and the huge collection of channels set it apart from the other mobile interfaces such as the YouTube mobile site. It is fun to use and constantly adapting to the user’s personal taste. You can also share the videos that you watch via Twitter, Facebook or even email. While watching you can also navigate and watch other videos from the channel with just a tap or a swipe. It is more of a cool vehicle for video content rather than an app for watching videos.

The only negative side, if I may use that word was that all the content found in the app was from YouTube and it would be nice if it tapped into other video sources as well.

The Vodio App For iPad has a sleek layout and design and a touch controlled interface that makes navigation easy and viewing a pleasure with the iPad’s awesome screen.

It is a free app and downloading the Vodio app is a breeze, as it does not have any built in ads. Those who are video fanatics and are constantly using their iPad to watch videos, this is one app that they cannot afford to pass up. Therefore, it is suggested that they download it ASAP as it is already making waves in the app stores.

Bottom line is that the Vodio App For iPad redefines a user’s viewing experience. Most of the consumers who have used it have given a rating of 4.5 over five stars.

The Vodio App For iPad gives you what you want, when you want it, where you want it.

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