Computer Protection: How Antivirus Software Works »

More than 100 new viruses are released and spread via the Internet every single day, making your antivirus software the most important program you have installed on your computer. Life in the antivirus software world is a constant game of ‘catching up’ because so many new viruses are released. For best protection, it is absolutely […]

Best Antivirus Software 2010 »

It’s been more than a year since I published the list of best Antivirus software 2009. Now it’s time to replace that list with best antivirus software 2010. I have collected information from several Web sites, and considered expert as well as user reviews and added some of my own findings. Now I have a new […]

Antivirus Definitions out of Date »

When you start up your PC, the antivirus definitions are out of date even though you updated them recently. When you try to update again, you are told there are no new updates or you should reinstall the program. I have had this problem several times it was always caused by the wrong time and date. The system […]