Antivirus Definitions out of Date

timeWhen you start up your PC, the antivirus definitions are out of date even though you updated them recently. When you try to update again, you are told there are no new updates or you should reinstall the program.

I have had this problem several times it was always caused by the wrong time and date. The system clock was misconfigured and displayed something like year 2011. This confused the antivirus program and it acted as if the definitions were few years old, even though I updated them the previous day.

To fix this problem, simply set the clock again. Double click on the time displayed in the lower right corner and you’ll see the Date and Time Properties. Set the correct date and the year, and then the time (read this off another clock) and click OK.

When the correct time is displayed, you can go to the Internet Time tab and try to automatically synchronize with an Internet time server. Just click on Update now to set the exact time for your PC.

This can occur when your motherboard battery runs flat and the PC can’t keep track of the time when it’s turned off.

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