7 Free Online Tools for Accessing your Desktop Remotely »

Technology has enabled us to work without having to be restricted to one location, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet access and various tools. Whether you are checking your emails from the beach via your trusty mobile device or storing important files on cloud services, you are actively participating in this mobilization of the […]

LogMeIn – Free Remote Access & VPN software »

Do you need to access your home computer from your office or during a business trip? Do you need to fix your friend’s computer without having to visit him/her? If yes, you must install LogMeIn. The software is free for personal use and it allows you to connect to a remote computer anywhere in the […]

Msconfig Error – Access Denied »

When you run the System Configuration Utility, you get an Access Denied error as soon as you make changes and click on Apply. I had to repair a very troublesome PC that had this error. I wanted to make it load Windows XP faster, so I attempted to run msconfig in the hope of removing a few programs from the […]