7 Free Online Tools for Accessing your Desktop Remotely

desktopTechnology has enabled us to work without having to be restricted to one location, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet access and various tools. Whether you are checking your emails from the beach via your trusty mobile device or storing important files on cloud services, you are actively participating in this mobilization of the world.

Thanks to all of these great advances in mobile technology, these days, you don’t even have to be at your computer in order to access it and everything that you have on it, from documents to software. Here are seven easy-to-use and absolutely free online tools that can give you remote access to your desktop computer from anywhere and have your computer’s information with you at all times.


This is one of the most popular remote desktop access solutions available. All you need to do is install TeamViewer on both your computer that you are taking with you on the road and your home computer in order to link them. TeamViewer makes it easy to connect with your desktop computer and allows you to gain access to everything you need with lightning speed. It is the preferred tool for people who need to access a remote computer in order to perform online presentations regularly without having to worry about something going wrong in the middle of them. TeamViewer prides itself on efficiency first and foremost.

Avvenu Access n Share

Access n Share is actually a phone-to-computer remote access tool that focuses more on document management than anything else. It’s a great solution for when you are away on business, but don’t want to carry around a laptop. With Avvenu Access n Share you can easily edit your documents, transfer and share them all from your smartphone. One of the only negative things about it is that you need to have Google Desktop installed in order to link with your home desktop and perform searches properly.


This is one of the best online tools for people who need to access their desktop computers for web conferencing regularly. It allows you to share your desktop remotely, collaborate with team members through chat and live broadcasts, show slides and many other crucial features needed for making excellent presentations. Another great thing about it is that the attendees of your web conferences do not have to have the software installed in order to participate. Dimdim enables you to really host huge web conferences, with thousands of attendees, and it will host these conferences on their servers as well – though it does give you the option to host the conferences onsite with your servers if you want to do that.


TrueRemote is great for both business and fun. You can access your desktop to get just about anything you need from your home computer, but it also has a great option that lets you stream movies and music from your computer as well. All of the essential features of a good remote access tool are there, the security features are also excellent, but these additional entertainment features make it a very popular one for a large variety of users.


Definitely one of the most popular remote desktop access tools, ShowMyPC does everything that you would need such a service to do – desktop sharing, remote computer access and online collaboration are all included and made simple. The features for online meetings and desktop sharing are especially good, because they are very customizable to fit the needs of various types of users. ShowMyPC is also regarded highly for its extensive and trustworthy security features that enable you to hold these types of desktop sharing events regularly without the threat of anyone gaining access to things on your computer that you don’t want them to see.


Mikogo is definitely more geared towards people who need to access their desktop computers remotely for hosting online meetings. It allows you to share your desktop with ten other people at the same time and gives you true color quality. Of course, it can be used for just about anything else, not just online meetings. You can use it on your own for desktop access and remote support, but a majority of its users come for the web conferencing and online meeting options, because its screen sharing quality is second to none.

LogMeIn Free

Another service that works well all around the board – LogMeIn gives you the ability to quickly connect to your desktop remotely and gain complete access to it. It’s also a great tool for sharing and transferring files between your home computer and the one who are accessing it from remotely. One of the best things about LogMeIn is that it offers the ability to connect via a regular computer or through mobile apps, giving you more options than most to set up your remote connections according to your needs.

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