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Convert PDF to ExcelWe use PDF abundantly in our daily lives, even more than we think. We often find bank statements, dissertations, legal documents, corporate reports, and many more locked precisely in PDF. There are many reasons why the PDF is so omnipresent in our lives. The main advantages of this format are that it is secure and that it can be accurately read by any device, regardless of the operating system. However, just like any software, it has a set of disadvantages as well.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the PDF is the fact that it is not editable by default. For example, if you receive a report in PDF format and you see a mistake in it, you need to fix it in the original file and convert it to PDF again. But sometimes we do not have the luxury of having the original document. This is why we need to use software that can convert PDF to editable format for us, so that we can reuse it and change what we want.

Price wise, there are two options on the market: you can either pay for a conversion software like Adobe Acrobat (which costs several hundred dollars) or you can find a sturdy online tool to help you get things done.

However, even among the free tools that exist there are two options: freemium or completely free. The freemium options often have a limit on the file size and number of pages you can convert. Thankfully, there is a tool that is completely free and has no limitations of any kind. The tool is Invesintech’s PDF to Excel online converter.

This solution is predominantly used by accountants, human resource associates and lawyers. However, as it has a very intuitive user interface, it can be used by literally anyone looking to edit their PDF reports. The reason why it is so popular among the abovementioned industry segments, is that it allows them to transfer information from large PDF files instantly into editable sheets that they can work on. It can literally save hours of manual work!

How it works

Here is a quick tutorial on how this tool works, explained in 3 really simple steps that can be followed along on the screenshots below:

1. Select the file you need to convert. You can upload PDFs from any device, like your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC – whichever is more convenient to you. This can be attributed to their responsive design which adjusts to any screen size without sacrificing user experience.


2. Insert your email address so that you can get your file delivered directly to your email. If you want to opt in for promotional emails and product update news, mark the checkbox below the input field. If you do not wish to receive any emails whatsoever, just leave the box blank.


3. Click on the Convert button to start the conversion process. The conversions are pretty quick but, this being a free and popular tool, there can be a delivery delay sometimes. For security purposes, your file is kept on the servers for only 24 hours, after which it is permanently deleted. If you do not manage to get a hold of your file in that time just convert your files once again.


It also has to be noted that there are no limitations to the number of PDF pages you can convert. The company is very dependable and they also have a wide range of other free online converters, all accessible from their website. All in all, a neat little tool that you can rely on — more than we could possibly ask for.

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