How to Use a DVI Splitter?

DVI Splitter- KVMA DVI splitter is used to display the same output from a DVI to go to two or more separate displays. In some video cards, such as the more modern ATI and to some extent the NVidia cards, there are already multiple DVI outputs for use with multi-monitor usage. However, for those of us with a single DVI output port, we have to invest in a DVI splitter to get the full functionality out of it.

The downside of the DVI splitter is that it doesn’t allow you to spread your desktop across multiple monitors, it simply copies the output from your original display so it can show on a separate display. It is here the video card support for hardware DVI ports trumps the DVI video splitter. It is still a very useful piece of hardware, especially for demonstrative purposes and you can always order high quality DVI Splitters online. How to Install a DVI Splitter

Step 1: Attach the DVI Video Splitter to the output port on the video card. In the case of a card with multiple DVI ports, it is not important which one you choose. Ensure the connection is secure. Usually DVI splitters come with built in hardware screws to ensure the connection is flush. Step 2: Attach the monitors. The order in which you do this doesn’t matter, but you must ensure the connections are properly hooked up or else the screen may display glitching or may not display altogether. If only one display comes on then detach and reconnect the DVI splitter.

Advantages of using Video Splitter

Advantages of using video splitters are that it acts as a means of helping people share their actions on a screen with people in a manner more conducive to demonstrating. Because of this, it is usually used in classrooms to connect a computer to a projector in order to show what is being done on the screen. It can also be used in point of sale systems in order to give the consumer a view of the processing of their order while it happens. DVI splitters are among one of the most useful pieces of¬† video splitters available for a demonstrator or educator. Earlier DVI switches were frail and prone to failure. Luckily, the set of DVI splitters KVMSwitchTech¬† has are amongst the best quality in the industry. If you’re in the market for splitters like these give us a visit and see our selection of splitters for use with any DVI output system.

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