Eliminate the Battle Over Chores and Homework with Kudoso Router

parental controlEvery parent “knows the drill” – evenings and weekends spent arguing with kids over room cleaning, grass cutting, music practicing, and school work.  Their pat response to refusals is to impose penalties, with all of the negativity and emotions that they instill.  Stop the battles now with a new and wonderfully innovative rewards structure – the Kudoso Router, a unique type of parental control!

Chances are you have not heard of this little beauty, but this type of control has nothing to do with parental controls of sites, etc.  This terrific device allows you to assign chores or tasks to your children, with specific point values, and make Internet use dependent upon point accumulation.  You choose the tasks, they complete them, and the reward is given.  Point amounts can translate to specific amounts of time, and, when that time is up, they are cut off until more tasks are completed.

Kudoso software is installed directly on the high speed router that is utilized for all of your home computer/mobile/tablet use, so every device is a part of the task requirements you assign – no cheating as long as your child is at home!  Other earlier attempts to achieve this same type of parental control have only involved software installation on each device.  This one is all-encompassing!

Because there are different needs and uses, however, the next version of Kudoso will provide both a router with installed software as well as standalone software that can be installed in specific existing routers.

Reward-based behavioral expectations do really work – why not us one that is easy and straightforward!

Author Bio:  Eileen Archer is currently a resident blogger and a chief writer at EssayPlanet.org and has researched and written on a number of topics affecting secondary and university students. After obtaining a Masters in English language she decided to dedicate her time to creative writing as well as providing assistance to students.

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