Factors Causing MOV Files Corruption on Mac – and Immediate Fixes

repair-mov-macMOV file format is quite popular as the video file format supported on both Mac and Windows based computers. In fact, the MOV file format is strictly subject to QuickTime framework, which is a multimedia container storing multiple tracks that hold data in various forms, such as text, audio, effects, and more. Many digital cameras today record videos in MOV file format, which is a high definition video format.

This video file format is proprietary to Apple – the computer giant. The format stores heavy videos, such as animation, 3D videos, and other HD videos, also makes them easy to share like other video files. However, alike other video file formats, the MOV video files are prone to corruption due to carelessness and other cause, including converting MOV files to another video format using an inefficient video converter, improper termination of the media player, disk corruption, virus and/or malware infections, and some technical issues. Take a look at these causes of MOV files corruption:

Inefficient Converter Used

Being in need for converting the MOV videos captured on a special occasion like a family tour or a friend’s hangout, you may use an inefficient converter. It often happens when you really are in need for conversion and you look for a like tool on the Internet. You download the one that looks like meeting your needs and go for conversion immediately. However, you ignored the user reviews that say the software sometimes causes MOV corruption.

Improper or Sudden Termination Causes File Header Corruption

Each file stored on a computer has a header associated with it. This header stored the complete information about the file, including file creation and modification dates, and more. The header also stores useful information like the file location on the hard drive, which relates it to its physical location on the hard drive. When the header goes corrupt, no media player can play it or may show the file corrupt. In such situation, you need to repair MOV file on Mac at the earliest to avoid the odds for severe corruption.

Disk Corruption

The storage media containing your crucial MOV files play key role in the security of those files. In fact, the storage media of such types are responsible for keeping your files protected from different issues. However, failure of the media leads to the loss of your MOV files. The causes of failure of the hard drive or a like storage media include the internals of the drive, age of the drive, and the number of read/write operations performed on the drive.

Virus/malware Infections

When you download a file from the Internet or plug in a data traveller containing many different data files, there are a lot of chances that it contains malware infections. In fact, the files downloaded from the Internet may have infections, which after downloading on your Mac may cause similar infections in other data files. In this way, your Mac hard drive containing your personal collections of photos, videos, and other stuff may get infected. Thus, you have no other option except formatting the hard drive.

How to Repair Corrupt MOV Files on Mac?

When it comes to repair MOV file on Mac, you need a commercial MOV file repair tool that is capable of doing the intended task efficiently. You can download such a tool from the Internet, while you need to make sure it is reliable. You also make sure that the software is developed by adept developers so that no further trouble may be encountered and severe corruption in your MOV files is caused.

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