How Secure Is WhatsApp? Try WhatsApp Spy!

Whatsapp spyWhatsApp is famous for being the most popular chatting application, more because it is free and works on cross platform. Which means, you could be using an Android cell phone, yet you can communicate with other WhatsApp users who own BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows phone and so on. With the help of WhatsApp, billions of messages are daily sent and received, thus making the communication a piece of cake. Though there are some limitations, we believe WhatsApp is, was and will be the top-notch Chat application.

There have been many other competitors, trying to take over WhatsApp’s concepts, many have come and gone, but people have never disliked it. WhatsApp ensures safe delivery of messages, and we all know that unlimited messages and media can be sent via it. All the messages are stored in WhatsApp’s server for a week, after that they get auto-deleted. All the messages are encrypted, hence you don’t really have to worry about your messages getting in hands of somebody else. There are many concerns we have with the use of WhatsApp, and we’ve discussed them all here..

Email Chat History?
To be precise, we have a mixed feeling about this feature of WhatsApp! Why? Because you can keep a record of all the chats in which you are involved, but similarly someone else chatting with you can email your chat to another recipient via this feature. Is this feature really necessary? Does it hamper with your privacy? It depends on what situation this feature gets used, and this can be even used against you!

Improper Selfies?
WhatsApp is another platform where people post improper selfies as their profile images. Though this goes into a deeper level, and maybe your kids, or your teenager daughter might be sending improper images to her boyfriend. Who knows how your kids are using WhatsApp! This problem is contagious, and found among all kinds of users. Therefore, we still aren’t sure how secure WhatsApp can be when it comes to detecting improper stuff.

Promoting Sexting?
With the use of technology and advanced platforms, young people have always found a way to exchange sexual content. But with the use of instant messaging applications, which let the user to send images and videos, has led to the increased sexting. Sexting has become more explicit and easy with the involvement of images and videos that have more effect.

What To Do?
If you are a parent reading this article, then by now you must have got worried about how wisely your kids are using WhatsApp, or any other IM service. The only thing you can do is try to monitor their activities, but since WhatsApp is a secured instant messaging app, you can’t really read all their chats. Best way to do is by using a WhatsApp Spy software, which will help you to track and monitor all the chats that happen on your child’s WhatsApp account.

All you’ve got to do is install WhatsApp Spying software on your child’s cell phone. The spying software will secretly record all the chats happening over your child’s WhatsApp! This spyware is going to provide you the detailed chat segments, so you can monitor your kids without having to confront them perpetually.

WhatsApp Spy can be beneficial for you if you are a vigilant parent. Just start monitoring your kids right away!

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