Disk Drill for Mac File Recovery and Protection

disk drillIn this day and age where people are becoming increasingly more dependent on their Ma cBooks, iPads, iPhones, it is inevitable that you will be in need of a reliable method for Mac data recovery to retrieve and restore accidentally deleted files, images, or music. Many of us are under the impression that these kinds of software are extremely expensive and only available to the more technologically advanced Internet geek, but a remarkable new recovery software named Disk Drill is now offered on the CleverFiles website, completely free of charge!

This Mac data recovery software is incredibly easy to install and extremely versatile, providing you with multiple different methods of scanning your hard drives and partitions for this missing data. You can do a simple “Quick Scan” for locating files that were very recently deleted, or you can use the “Deep Scan” method for restoration of files that were deleted several months ago. As long as the hard drive has not yet been overwritten with new data, the files will be easily retrievable.

Disk Drill can be used in any situation and can recognize and recover more than 80 different file types among which are: video files (AVI, DV and MP4), photo files (JPG, PNG and TIFF), document files (DOCX, PPTX and XLSX, graphic files (AI, PSD and INDD), RAW camera files (CR2, NEF and DNG), music files (AIF, MP3 and WAV).

Disk Drill also offers a wide range of support utilities in the form of videos and how-to tutorials which can answer all of your questions quickly and easily. The software not only works on Mac Books and iPhones, but on Apple’s digital cameras, pen drives, and any other product with a memory card. Mac data recovery has never been easier, providing valuable peace of mind to those of us who are more mechanically accident-prone in this ever advancing world of digital technology!

More than that Disk Drill has several data protection features which are available without any payment.

Guaranteed Recovery option keeps an invisible copy of each file you put in Mac’s Trash. Recovery Vault feature keeps a record of metadata for deleted files, so that they can be restored with names and file locations intact. S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring warns users about hard drive troubles before it fails.

Once you have these features enabled on your Mac, you will never have to worry about data recovery.

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