Using Pinterest for Marketing

pinterestPinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2012, and many businesses that didn’t use Pinterest when it first started are realizing that it can be very beneficial but, not all businesses know how to use Pinterest to market their company. While how you use Pinterest will depend on what type of business you have, there are some basic tips that will help all small businesses make the most of Pinterest in 2013.

Set Your Account Up Properly

If you’re brand new to Pinterest, you’ll need to take the time to set your account up. Take the time to make sure the name that you pick and your public profile represent your business and let users know what you do. Setting your Pinterest account up properly is essential for all types of businesses – from bloggers to companies that make a product they want to sell.

Research Similar Users

After setting up your Pinterest account, take the time to look for businesses and users that do something similar as you. Just don’t copy what other businesses are doing when it comes to marketing on Pinterest, the goal here is to stand out. Taking the time to check out similar users will give you some insight into what can and cannot work for your business. Checking your competitor’s Pinterest accounts is extremely helpful in seeing what you can to do stand out from the pack. Check companies you know are direct competitors first before searching for competitors you may not know about.

Find Your Target Market

A big part of marketing, whether you’re doing it online, through social media sites or through traditional marketing methods is knowing who your target audience is. On Pinterest, finding groups of people that you think will be interested in your content, product or service is relatively easy. Finding users in your target audience can also help you promote your business when you’re new to Pinterest since many non-business users may already have a large network of people they communicate and share with on Pinterest. In some cases, these users may be in your target audience as well.

Keep it Simple

Most Pinterest users are looking at content in a passive manner. That means that they’re looking at things on Pinterest while watching TV, talking to friends or family members or even working from their home office. When people browse sites passively, you need to do everything you can to make your content as simple and engaging as possible. Even if your business is technical one, graphics-based posts and charts are ideal for getting people’s attention on Pinterest. Focus on Quality Posts, Not Quantity. Just like with Twitter, posting quality content is important, even if that means you aren’t able to post as much as you would like. Pinterest users that don’t like all of your posts won’t think twice about not following you in the future.

Add Contests

Contests can be a great way to get new followers on Pinterest. Even if you’re not selling a specific product, a contest can be extremely beneficial. Start by making a blog post explaining the rules of the contest as well as what the prize for the winner will be. Allowing other users to vote on the winner of the contest is an excellent way to find a winner, and one that may actually result in more people seeing your content.

Pin Video Content

Video content works well to get people’s attention on social media sites. You may also be more likely to get the full attention of certain users where pictures and text may not really engage them. Many people aren’t aware that you can pin video content on Pinterest, but you can. Check the sites video requirements before posting just to make sure your video will show up properly. You can also pin videos you have previously posted on YouTube. Posting your videos from YouTube to Pinterest can also help get users to your other videos if you have a dedicated YouTube channel.

The Untapped Resource

As of now there is no limit to what business can get out of Pinterest for marketing purposes. All it takes is taking the time to understand how to use Pinterest and optimizing that capability to increase your numbers in clicks, followers, and customers.

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Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles, creating content that delves into the world of online marketing, tech, and gaming. Parking Mania is among the many types of games she’s reviewed.

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