8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch Solutions for a Wide Range of Different Applications

hdr8x8s-8x8-hdmi-matrix-routerContent Distribution is a term that is most commonly associated with physical media such as CDs and electronic solutions such as email.  Many industries, however, need a more immediate solution.  Whether in sports bars, lounges, or manufacturing facilities, distribution of information ranging from entertainment to mission critical specifications and real-time instrumentation monitoring is vital.  To fill this roll, multiple sources of content must be able to be distributed to multiple modern High Definition displays.  One of the best options for doing this is the 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch.

The HDMI standard continues to mature and add more functionality.  Now there are HDMI Matrix Switches that can leverage all of these features into complete and even immersive solutions with 3D support.  By connecting a vast array of inputs and outputs through a HDMI Video Matrix, the level of content that can be conveyed to any display or location grows rapidly. With a conveniently located HDMI Matrix Switcher that features fast switching, an administrator can monitor instruments or share vital information with the simple push of a button.

Though many facilities may only need solutions for shorter distances, other installations require complex configurations with infrastructure limitations.  The best solutions for these scenarios are HDMI Matrix switches that support HDBaseT with independent zone control.  HDBaseT combines the power HDMI with the convenience of standard network cabling that is prevalent in most modern facilities.  Among the many advantages of an HDBaseT solution are full HD video and audio support, remote administration through integrated RS232 and bi-directional infra-red, and connectivity for interactive features through Ethernet.

Perhaps the most important feature, however, is the flexibility that can be achieved by integrating the entire system through a network patch panel.  This allows devices to be relocated without having to rewire with expensive, heavy, and less-flexible cabling. KVMSwitchTech’s 8×8 Cat5 HDMI Matrix switcher over HDBaseT supports UXGA, WUXGA, and 1920×1200 (1080P) resolutions to any HDMI display. These Video Matrix Switchers have one CAT5e/6 and one HDMI connector for each output, making this an 8×16 Matrix Router (same signal on both outputs). One RJ45 connection for each output extends the HDMI signal to remote location via HDBaseT Cat5e/6/7 HDMI Receivers (Cat6/7 Cable 330 Feet (100M), Cat5e 200 Feet (75M), Cat5 100 Feet (35M). These units are an ideal solution for long range HDMI Switching/Splitting and Extension applications.

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