Avast Internet Security Vs Kaspersky Pure – Which One Has Better Features?

avast internet securityAvast Internet Security 6 and Kaspersky Pure 2012 are great for computers meant for home use. Both the security systems have enough features to protect your computer from worms, virus, root kits and malicious websites. Before beginning this dual fight, if you want an in-depth feature analysis of their latest version, performance metric, ratings, screenshots and comparison with other top vendors then be sure to read exhaustive Avast internet security review and kaspersky pure review. You would have known practically everything about them without even trying them.

When Avast upgraded from its version 5, it did not make any major changes as far as the interface was concerned. However, it did add a couple of strong features like Auto Sandbox and WebRep. In addition, some features that were earlier available only in the paid versions have been made available for free in Avast Internet Security 6 ‑ a fact that should win over a lot of new fans for the computer security company.

Let us see if it’s worth paying for Kaspersky Pure 2012 or whether Avast Internet Security 6 fits the bill for home users.

Feature Set

Avast and Its Features

Avast Internet security 6 provides enough checks and balances in its software to allow you to browse through the net without fear of being hit by malicious codes or websites. Avast also has enough features to give you a safe environment to conduct your online banking transactions. Its features are as follows:

SafeZone and AutoSandbox

The SafeZone technology creates a virtual space where there is no possibility of any threat. You can thus conduct your online banking transactions without fear of identity theft. The technology creates a new desktop to conduct the transaction. This virtual desktop is not visible to other programs and leaves no history behind once it is closed.

It includes anti-spam, antispyware and anti-rootkit protection. Installing the Avast Internet security 6 thus gives you protection from phishing, spam as well as Trojans, worms, viruses and stealth malware. AutoSandbox barricades suspicious programs and places them in a virtual state so that they do not damage your system.


The WebRep works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It gives a security ranking to the sites that are being searched and thus provides safety from malicious websites.

Kaspersky and Its Features

kasperskyKaspersky has always been known for its innovations in the field of computer security and its Internet Security 2010 version does not disappoint fans. It has features that its competitors do not offer. Some of its noteworthy features are listed below:


The software sends data to Kaspersky servers where a series of manual and automatic processes will decide whether it is safe to download. The advantage of this system is that the load on your system will come down considerably.

Proactive Defense

All suspicious programs and websites can now be isolated before they are scanned for threats. These programs are allowed to move freely through your system only after they have been detected to be free of threats. The two way firewall is strong enough to prevent even determined hackers from entering your system. Through this feature, you can manage your children’s internet time. You can also control the games, sites and applications that they use.

This helps you to check out a file’s reputation and safety without going through the main program. Remove the changes that any undetected malware has made to your system. This will help keep the system clear and safe.

There is no doubt Avast has introduced some slick features in their newest version but they are very young and has not been exhaustively tested. On the other hand, Kaspersky Pure 2012 is definitely more feature rich and robust than Avast Internet security 6.

If you are short-listing good antivirus software then I would definitely recommend Kaspersky Pure review and Avast Internet Security review which covers in-depth analysis, performance metrics, screenshots and side by side comparison with leading softwares.

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