Send Big Files Easily With WeTransfer

send big filesOne of my earliest posts back in 2009 was about the Pando software, which makes it possible to send big files to someone through email. Pando was limited to sending files up to 1GB only, but it was still a handy tool to have. Now, almost 2 years later, we are using and sharing much bigger files, and we may wish to send a file like that to a friend on the other side of the world – quickly.

With a helpful tip from a colleague at work, I just discovered a new service that can help. It is called WeTransfer, and it lets you send files up to 2GB, for FREE! The whole transfer procedure is so quick and easy: there’s no need to install any software and you can send a file with just a few mouse clicks. Also a plus: you don’t need to disclose many details. You only have to enter the destination email address and your own, and attach the file. You can add an optional message if you wish.

No registration is necessary and the files stay on the WeTransfer server for two weeks, so the recipient has enough time to download the file at a convenient time.

For more information or to test the FREE service, please visit the WeTransfer Website.

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