Alternatives to Paypal

credit cardsI am a Paypal user, and I like Paypal. It provides all that I need as a casual eBay buyer and seller, I am able to send and accept money from all over the world and it protects me from fraud. I especially like the fact that Paypal offers buyer protection, because once I paid over $750 for a laptop that never arrived, and Paypal was kind enough to return (almost) all of my money. I’m quite happy with Paypal.

Having said all this, I know that some people hate Paypal and want to stay away. Many had a really bad experience and left the service, promising never to return. I read many negative comments about Paypal on the Internet, and the complaints were numerous: from bad customer service, to the fact that you can’t access your money instantly, weak buyer protection – there are simply too many to list. So, I tried to find out what other companies offer similar or even better service.

I found quite a few, and I’m going to list some here (click on the link for more information):

Or simply open a merchant account with a service such as Moneris to accept credit card payment.

Before you sign up with any of these services, make sure you read all Terms and Conditions. Be aware of any hidden fees and automatic contract extensions.

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