HP HDX 16 Laptop: Great Buy

hp-hdx-161If you’ve read my blog before, you may have noticed that I usually don’t review software or hardware. I write about ways to fix various computer problems and prevent attacks from the Internet, and I only recommend programs that I have tried myself. Similarly, I only recommend computer parts or laptops that I have tested myself.

I had to include this post because I just bought a new laptop: The Hewlett Packard HDX 16. It costs less than $1000 and includes all features I expect from a new laptop: The speed, long battery life, the screen size and built quality. You can see the HP HDX 16 here.

The great thing about buying from HP directly is that you can customize your new laptop. For example, you can choose the processor speed (2.2-3 GHz), amount of RAM (3GB to 8GB), hard drive capacity (up to 500GB), graphics card (up to 1GB of RAM) and the optical drive, which can be either DVD burner, Blue Ray reader or Blue Ray burner.

I especially love the 16″ screen on this new laptop. It is slightly larger than the standard 15.4” widescreen and has a full HD display capability (1920×1080p resolution). This option is included as FREE upgrade!

Further options are: Webcam, Fingerprint reader, Wireless-N Mini-card with or without Bluetooth and an integrated HD TV tuner. Even the sound is improved compared to other brands and previous models. The built-in speakers are made by Altec Lansing, one of the leading computer speaker manufacturers. To see all customization options, please click here.

I never buy anything just because it’s made by a famous brand or because it’s been advertised. I do my research and make a decision based on expert and user reviews. The price is only relevant if it’s too cheap or too expensive. Of course I didn’t want to spend much on a new laptop, so I looked for brands with long history and success in manufacturing laptops that would also allow me to choose the specs.

My decision was made easier when I found out that the HP HDX 16 was given a score of 10 out of 10 by the Testfreaks Web site*, which collects reviews and ratings from experts and people who have used this laptop. This model is ranked number 1 among 2400* current laptop models! It has decent specs, it looks good and it is affordable. You can buy it for as low as US $909.99. The only disadvantage of this model is that it gets a little warm and that “the size is thick”. If the design is important to you, I suggest you buy an Apple MacBook Pro.

So far I’m happy with my HP, and I would definitely recommend it to new laptop buyers.

* Score at the time of writing

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