Blue Screen With nv4_disp Error

Blue Screen of DeathI have recently found out that many PC users have experienced the error with the graphic card driver nv4_disp.dll, and unfortunately, I’m one of them.

This is what happened: my screen worked normally for a while before the Blue Screen of Death appeared, showing some kind of error. I was only able to see the name of the file nv4_disp, which led me to believe it was an Nvidia driver problem. I could only restart the PC and sometimes the problem went away, but it came back later. Before that, sometimes my screen used to black out and I had to force shutdown.

Now, the obvious thing would be to try and boot in Safe Mode and reinstall the driver for the nvidia graphic card. If you want to try this, it would be best to go to the Nvidia Web site and download the latest driver for your video card model and leave it on the desktop. Next, reboot the system in Safe Mode (press and hold F8 after reboot) and go to Control Panel, System and Device Manager. Under Display Adapter, there should be the name and model of your video card. Right click on it and uninstall the device from your system. Reboot the system again, this time normally, and when Windows picks up the new hardware device, simply double click on the installation file you prepared earlier and install the new driver. This solves the problem in most cases.

If it didn’t solve the problem, it could be caused by number of things: leaking capacitors on the motherboard, faulty RAM, fan failure, overheating. To test the RAM, you can download the memtest application and to test the motherboard, you’ll have to physically inspect it to see if all cables are connected and if there are any leaking capacitors.

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