Windows 7 coming in May?

vistaAccording to a leaked page on the Microsoft Partner Program Web site, Windows 7 Release Candidate will be available as early as 5. May this year. Apparently, the page was scheduled to be published in May but it was mistakenly published last weekend. It was quickly taken down after it appeared online.

It looks as though Windows 7 might be nearing its development and testing stages and after a successsful beta release earlier this year and following mostly positive reviews, PC users across the world are eagerly awaiting the more stable successor to Windows Vista.

Even if the rumour is not true, this is the second time that a leaked press release has mentioned the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Microsoft probably want to get out the final Windows 7 version as soon as possible to compensate for bad hype surrounding its current operating system (Windows Vista) and falling sales and profits. Then again, they won’t release and unfinished or untested product. After all, the software needs to meet the quality bar for the release. However, Microsoft has admitted that PC makers such as Dell and HP have already received the Release Candidate to test with their PCs.

I am still using Windows XP and I can’t wait for Windows 7 to be released, so I can finally upgrade my PC and install the new system. Windows XP: thank you for everything, but it’s time for a change!

Source: PC Pro UK

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