Protect your Laptop From Theft

LG laptopI am sure you will agree that two main disadvantages of having laptops are: 1) they can break/fail and it’s too expensive to repair, and 2) they can get stolen. If you are unlucky to experience one or the other, the damage can be enormous. Besides the obvious financial cost of replacement, there is the fact that you may have lost important data.

With the cost of laptops/notebooks decreasing and more people being able to afford them, it would be wise to think about ways to protect your laptop from theft.

It is important to have the logon password, so only you can use the laptop (and users you want to allow access). The other important thing is to back up your data, so if anything happens to the hard drive or the laptop is stolen, you can still access your important files. I suggest you use an external hard drive or DVDs, where you can store photos, documents, programs and games.

And now to the most important thing you should do: download and install laptop tracking software. One of the programs that does this is called Adeona, and it’s free to use. The next post discusses how the software works and how you can use it.

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