How inbuilt Windows Utilities Can Help You Recover Data from Hard Drives »

For almost all computer users hard drives are the major data storage media, which store all their personal as well as business critical data. Sometimes, with much precious data in it, the hard drive fails and all the data becomes completely inaccessible. The reason behind hard drive failure can be anything from virus attack or […]

Recovering from Event ID 455 in MS Exchange Server »

MS Exchange Server uses a logging mechanism to record all changes to the Exchange database. These changes are stored in Exchange database transaction logs. If your database becomes corrupt, the transaction logs are used to restore the database to a consistent state. These files ensure a high level of recoverability. When some of these log […]

How to Recover Files from Undetected Flash Drive in Mac? »

Recently I came across a forum post in a prestigious forum site for Mac OS X users. The problem which forum thread stated was: “The user had improperly ejected his flash drive from the Mac and now the system does not recognize the device after the flash drive is plugged in the USB port. The […]