Windows XP Won’t Load After SP 3 Installation »

After you install Service Pack 3, sometimes Windows XP won’t load. All you can see is a blank screen. Unfortunately, you have to uninstall SP3 to resolve this problem. To do this, you must restart the system and boot into Safe Mode (press and hold F8 after the restart until you see the new menu). Once you […]

Stop Unwanted Programs from Loading at Startup »

When you first turn on your PC and load your Windows system, several applications are set to start automatically. Besides essential system files, they can include antivirus programs, communicators, media players and file sharing programs. You can find these programs or taskbar icons in the lower right corner. Usually you want them there, especially the antivirus program, messenger or […]

Windows won’t load – ntldr is missing »

After the POST (power on self test) screen, Windows does not load and the following message is displayed: “ntldr is missing”. This means that one or two essential system files are either corrupt or have been deleted: ntldr and/or Without these files, Windows cannot operate. This message is usually associated with Windows XP. To […]