10 Things You’ll Hate About Windows 8 and How to Fix Them »

Windows 8 – one of the most anticipated operating systems of the year is scheduled for an October 26th launch. Its consumer preview version that released a couple of months ago was subjected to a mixed response. Like any other operating system, it too had its own set of issues and minor flaws and failed […]

Causes of Data Loss and Effective Ways to Fix Them »

The hard disk in our computer is not only the storage house of our precious data but it also contains the operating system which is responsible for successful communication between computer’s hardware and software. We can say that any damage to the hard disk can create devastating situation of data loss. There could be various reasons of […]

What to do After a Hard Drive Failure »

We live in such an abundant information age that a hard drive failure these days can mean the sudden loss of data comparable to the burning of the Alexandria Library. It’s happened to most of us at least once and we recognise the awful feeling in the pit of your stomach, and the rising tension […]

Washed White as Snow: Why System Restore is a Miracle Worker »

I suggest creating system restore points every day. Why? That’s a good question. It’s simple. Crap happens. Do you have any idea how often something evil creeps into your computer? No? Well, it’s a lot. I love System Restore. It fixes practically anything. From the cat jumping on your keyboard and changing all your settings […]

Three Reasons for Windows Search Problems »

This guest post was contributed by Tibor Schiemann, President and Managing Partner, TuneUp blog. Have you ever had trouble finding that file or email that you just know is on your PC? If your search has come up empty one too many times, there is likely something wrong with this Windows Vista and Windows 7 […]