Factors Causing MOV Files Corruption on Mac – and Immediate Fixes »

MOV file format is quite popular as the video file format supported on both Mac and Windows based computers. In fact, the MOV file format is strictly subject to QuickTime framework, which is a multimedia container storing multiple tracks that hold data in various forms, such as text, audio, effects, and more. Many digital cameras […]

Reasons for File System Corruption in Mac and Software for Mac File Recovery »

There are substantial reasons why you should choose to switch to Mac OS X. Unlike Windows PCs, Mac systems crash less and face fewer boot problems and memory issues. Additionally, Mac is bundled with a range of useful and innovative applications, such as iLife creativity suite, Final Cut Pro, etc. You can use these applications […]

Patching the Hosts File to Stop Hackers and Block Websites »

One sneaking way that hackers and identity thieves can get inside your head and steal your personal information is by executing an application on your computer that will patch your hosts file. Once your hosts file is patched, not only can they block you from certain websites, they can also redirect you to “fake” sites […]