New Security Flaw in Internet Explorer »

Microsoft has issued a new security alert that affects all users of the popular Internet Explorer browser! There seems to be a serious security flaw in the Windows system that could be exploited by hackers to access your PC and steal private information. There have been no reports of successful intrusions yet, but Microsoft urges […]

Will Internet Explorer 9 Kill the Browser? »

Did you hear that Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta? It was presented to a room full of journalists in San Francisco few days ago. Apparently, it was a huge hit because everyone cheered. The main reason for the excitement is that Internet Explorer 9 could revolutionize the way we view Web sites. […]

How to Transfer IE Favorites to Another Computer »

One of my readers asked me to explain how he can transfer his favorite websites from Internet Explorer to another PC or laptop. This may sound easy to anyone who is experienced with computers or whoever did this before, but definitely not to the basic user. I knew it was a simple task, but since […]