How to Check Mac Disk Drive Health Accurately »

It is always a good practice to check your Mac status on a regular basis. Time to time information about the Mac status and its performance helps in analyzing the health of the Mac system. This helps in keeping the system optimized at any time as well as in avoiding any future issues. Although Mac […]

Disk Drill for Mac File Recovery and Protection »

In this day and age where people are becoming increasingly more dependent on their Ma cBooks, iPads, iPhones, it is inevitable that you will be in need of a reliable method for Mac data recovery to retrieve and restore accidentally deleted files, images, or music. Many of us are under the impression that these kinds […]

A Complete Guide to Understanding Disk Optimization in Mac OS X »

When you work in a Windows environment having a Windows PC at your desk, you need to take account of several things, such as hard drive defragmentation, installing firewall or antivirus software, and much more. However, as opposed to Windows users, Mac users need not dive deeper into such things, as Mac does a fair […]

Securing Highly Sensitive Data Through Disk Wiping »

In general, a Mac user may need an application utility, converter utility, recovery applications but how often does a Mac user requires a data wiping utility? I am not betting on it but yes, maximum percentage of the users (including myself) may never assume of having one. To us, deleting data permanently from a Mac […]

How to access Disk Defragmenter in Windows »

In one of my previous posts I listed 10 third party defragmenting programs and I mentioned that Windows includes its own defragmenter. One reader complained that I didn’t describe how and where this Windows tool can be found. So here it is: In Windows XP, Disk Defragmenter can be found in Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and […]