Download Yahoo Email Folders to Computer Using Microsoft Outlook

yahoo mailNowadays email clients have become the most important part of every small- or large-scale organization. Yahoo mail is one of them which is widely used. It is a popular web-based email service which is now counted as the third largest email application in the world.

As the technology advanced over the years, daily tasks became more complex and somewhat less secure for the average user. Today, online threats such as hackers and viruses can affect your work as well as your data, and potentially cause serious problems. Luckily, backup is an easy and handy support system. One can save Yahoo Mail to PC and avoid the fear of data loss. In the following article, we will discuss reasons for and methods of saving data from your Yahoo account.

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Compress Microsoft Outlook Files To Compact Outlook Mailbox Size

Description: Do you need Compress Microsoft Outlook Files to Speed up the efficiency? Steps to minimize / reduce Outlook data file & compact Outlook PST file to shrink unused space.

Compress Microsoft Outlook FilesLearn How to Compress Microsoft Outlook Files

In this article, we will discuss some corruption related issues in Microsoft Outlook files. We will also mention some steps to compress Microsoft Outlook files without losing any data so that user can access its messages.

Microsoft Outlook is the most used email client in the organizations all over the world. It has awesome innovative features and an easy user interface which makes Microsoft Outlook, a first and preferable choice by the number of individuals. This application is also used in many other organizations for communication purpose. It contains all the information like Emails, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Appointments, calendars, etc. Eventually, users save and store their emails and other data items in Outlook PST file format.

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Recover Deleted or Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Recover deleted or lost filesAs someone who has lost important files from the computer hard drive in the past, I’m always interested in what’s new in the data recovery world. When I lost my photos from the last European holiday, I tested numerous free programs in a desperate attempt to save them, and did it again when a friend of mine lost important business documents on his laptop. I wish I had EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard then – because all my attempts failed, and we had to go to professional data recovery service.

Before we get into the features of the software, let me ask you: What would you do if you lost a folder with your holiday photos, or your study material, or important work files? Do you know how to recover deleted files without forking out large amounts of money on professional data recovery services? Luckily nowadays you can perform data recovery yourself – especially when you have a good software that does everything for you.

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vrBackupper Review – First Free Oculus Backup Software

vrBackupperOculus Rift has been very powerful and popular; however some shortcomings like storage space problem still trouble game players. Early versions would only install on your system drive, games and apps are always installed to a library in the same location, and if you uninstall Oculus then all your software disappears as well. You may want to migrate from a small HDD to a larger SSD. Is there any tool that could help? Luckily vrBackupper software is now available.

VrBackupper is a complete free and easy-to-use 64-bit Windows 10 program which can back up, restore or migrate your Oculus Rift installation or just your installed games and applications. It helps users protect and manage Oculus Rift and use the device easily.

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7 Best WordPress Plugins for Web Designers

Best WordPress PluginsIt seems as if there is no limit to the amount of WordPress plugins available these days – if you need something for your website, there’s a plugin for that! WordPress plugins have almost become the new appstore for cell phone users, with various plugins available for your website online.

Plugins help you perform a variety of functions – from analyzing the SEO of your content, to preventing spammers from commenting on your blog, and creating automatic call to action landing pages. Some of them are incredibly useful and can completely transform the look and ease of access of your site, while others on the other hand are completely useless and can actually harm your site rather than help you. That being said, let’s take a look at seven must-have WordPress plugins to use for your website.

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