Ultimate Criteria Checklist For Companies Setting Up A Software Development Team

ChecklistCompanies setting out to have developed software development teams have a whole lot of uncertainties to deal with. While a software development team in itself isn’t such a problem to companies, the team may come with its fair share of challenges.

An in-house software development team presents a plethora of advantages to a company. Among the major benefits that the team may avail are quick access to developers, ability to change course of the agreed project without incurring additional cost and better communication.

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How to Add Music to iPhone without iTunes

TuneFab WeTransiTunes is one of the most frequently used tools to sync music between iOS devices and PC. The truth is, most of us choose iTunes simply because we don’t have a better choice to transfer music from the computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Now thanks to TuneFab WeTrans, we can finally get rid of the inconvenience caused by iTunes, including:

  • Newly added songs erasing the old ones
  • You can only sync one iTunes library to a device at a time
  • You can only transfer purchased music from iPhone to iTunes

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How to Convert PDF to Word on Any Smartphone

PDF to Word SmartphoneWould you like to learn how to convert PDF to Word on your smartphone for free? If you would, then you came to the right place.

For many years, people have struggled with copying, editing and removing data from PDF files. What good is a file that you can only read, without using data that is stored in it? Imagine you have a perfectly good report, with tables, images, and data, and the only thing you need to change is the date! It wouldn’t be possible, well not without any third-party tool at least.

That is why we decided to show you a useful trick you can use to convert a PDF file into an editable Word document with no manual retyping needed. You can do this on your smartphone if you have PDF to Word Converter with OCR app installed.

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Things You’ll Gain with IT Support

IT SupportEven small and medium-sized businesses need some external help from time to time and that is usually the case for problems regarding computers. A small business IT support can help companies gain an advantage over their competitors as well. Here are a few benefits of hiring IT support.

1. Prompt IT solutions

When you own a business, especially an e-commerce website, you should know that the workflow must always be continuous and fast. Not being able to work fast and uninterrupted can give negative impressions to customers. In turn, they’ll lose interest and you won’t gain profit due to the hassle that it could cause. Thus, you’ll have to hire IT solution experts.

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Remove DRM with TuneFab Apple Music Converter

TuneFabIf you were dreaming of listening to Apple Music on other devices for free, here is some good news. Recently we found a useful tool called TuneFab Apple Music Converter, which can easily remove DRM from Apple Music and convert songs into other common formats. After conversion, you can play Apple Music on other non-Apple devices without limitations. How good is that? It’s a handy and powerful tool for anyone who wants to remove Apple Music DRM. In this post we will review the program and present its main features – so you can decide whether it can be useful to you as well.

Read on to find out how you can have an enjoyable experience listening to Apple Music on all devices.

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