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Backup System Images Better than Reinstalling Win 7 »

Having dealt with Windows operating systems (OS) all my life, I got into the habit of running a clean install of Windows every so often. I tended to try out new software quite a bit, and that, combined with little spyware and other memory-eating applications, usually rendered my computer to a slow piece of junk […]

Three Reasons for Windows Search Problems »

This guest post was contributed by Tibor Schiemann, President and Managing Partner, TuneUp blog. Have you ever had trouble finding that file or email that you just know is on your PC? If your search has come up empty one too many times, there is likely something wrong with this Windows Vista and Windows 7 […]

Maximizing Windows XP Mode Performance »

This Guest Post is contributed by Tibor Schiemann, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TuneUp blog. Part of Windows 7, Windows XP Mode (also known as “Virtual Windows”) is designed to make the transition from Windows XP as smooth as possible. It runs a full copy of the former Microsoft operating system in the background, so that […]

Windows 7 overtakes Windows Vista »

In July 2010, the number of Windows 7 users surpassed that of Windows Vista. The newest operating system from Microsoft has quickly overtaken its predecessor (in less than a year), but it will need much more time to overtake Windows XP, which is still the most popular system. Windows 7′s market share stands at 14.5% […]

How to Transfer IE Favorites to Another Computer »

One of my readers asked me to explain how he can transfer his favorite websites from Internet Explorer to another PC or laptop. This may sound easy to anyone who is experienced with computers or whoever did this before, but definitely not to the basic user. I knew it was a simple task, but since […]