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Internet Service for the Next Generation of Gamers »

Any serious gamer can vouch for the importance of having a reliable Internet connection. While price is usually the first factor that comes into play when assessing a provider’s offerings, consistency and speed should also be prioritized if you intend to make the most of your gaming experience. Consistency refers to the actual download speed […]

Can Computer Games Keep Your Brain Fit? »

The common question It is a fact that our lives have become increasingly immersed in technology. Much of our leisure and entertainment is provided online; the best examples are the computer games. With all these changes in our lifestyles, questions are arising about what technology may be doing to us. Computer and console-based computer games […]

Gaming On The iPad »

IPads have fast become one of the best devices that people use for everything in their daily lives, be it talking to their friends on different social media websites or using them to take notes and research information from the Internet. Tablets are an extension of smartphones in the way that they are just more […]

AVA Direct Mini Gaming PC – Review »

For people who have space constraints, the AVA Direct Mini Gaming PC offers the best solution. It is quite small, measuring just 15.5 inches in length, 9.6 inches in width and is just 13.9 inches in height. It sits pretty tiny and does not resemble a PC, maybe it looks like a miniature version of […]

Will Gaming be Better on Windows 8? »

The one brand that pops up in our minds when talking about computer operating systems is Microsoft Windows; such is the dominance and brand power of Microsoft’s Windows in the operating system arena. Dominance can sometimes be a dilutive word when describing Windows, because it was certainly the groundbreaker in the PC operating systems space. […]