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New Gaming Considerations In A PC World »

If you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan you might want to curb your enthusiasm. Nintendo is still a generation behind Microsoft and Sony (and Valve) in the online space. The 3DS uses archaic friend codes, and there’s not even a simple messaging service on the system. That means you have to find people by name if […]

IT Jokes – Part 2 »

Just in time for the weekend, I found a nice addition to my Fun with your PC category: some more IT jokes. As you may have noticed, there is plenty of serious business on this blog, so here is something fun for a change. We all need a laugh sometimes! If you missed my earlier […]

Fake a Crash with BSOD Screen Saver »

I haven’t published new articles under the Fun with your PC category for a while, so it’s time to revisit the fun side of PCs (not counting gaming of course). Here is a new prank that you can play on your friends, family or even enemies, provided you can access their PC. It involves installing […]

IT Jokes »

Today is all about fun with computers. Therefore, I have collected a number of IT jokes that I came across recently. Some are great, some just ok. I like the one with the blonde. Enjoy! Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying […]

(Unintentionally) Funny Domain Names »

I just read an article in a newspaper that mentioned some funny domain names on the Internet. Then I remembered – I have heard a fair share of weird and funny Web addresses in my 12 years online (yes, I entered the virtual world in 1998). Some are well known, such as, and others […]