5 Reasons WordPress Hosting Is Worth The Cost

Wordpress HostingWordPress enhances the functionality of all kinds of websites. You can easily connect your WordPress blog to social media. The CMS platform can be hosted on a shared or managed plan. However, managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than other hosting options. For this reason, many tech professionals contemplate whether managed hosting is worth the additional costs. Tech users who are currently benefiting from the operational enhancements would argue that it is.

In this post, you will learn the top reasons managed WordPress hosting is worth the cost.

Handle A Global Reach

Firstly, tech professionals who use managed WordPress hosting reach more consumers all over the globe. While most shared hosting plans can handle a decent amount of traffic, WordPress offers more resources for websites that receive global traffic. The reason for this lies within the providers’ infrastructure. Compared to shared hosting providers, managed hosting providers’ infrastructure offers much more resources. Thus, such providers are able to reach almost twenty different regions around the world. Overall, the hosting resources allow your website to handle more traffic from around the globe. Managed hosting providers use the cloud to put users’ sites closer to their target audiences in these various regions. As a result, they bring in more traffic for websites.

Advanced Automatic Updates

Another reason managed hosting is worth your money is for the automatic updates. Every tech professional who built their site on WordPress benefits from automatic updates. However, every user does not benefit from automatic security updates. If you invest in managed hosting, your website’s security features will update during the platform’s general updates. These updates are critical to the ongoing security and maintenance of your website. Moreover, having a team take care of updates decreases the amount of time you would have to spend applying security fixes. Since you can then use your time to produce more work, managed WordPress hosting is worth the cost.

Improved Security

Managed WordPress hosting provides more than one security advantage. In addition to automatically applying security fixes, it also provides better security features. Unlike regular WordPress hosting, managed hosting continuously scans for malware and viruses. This way, if there is a vulnerability in your WordPress plugins, your site still has some protection. The hosting option also attacks any external security threats directly. Rather than just waiting for something to happen and restoring with a back up, a managed provider will take a proactive approach to WordPress security. Since it is constantly scanning for threats, managed hosting providers can terminate threats as soon as they appear. If you want to guarantee safety for your site, managed WordPress hosting is worth your money.

Faster Speeds

If you want your sites’ speeds to increase as well, invest in managed WordPress hosting. With this type of hosting, every configuration made is optimized for WordPress in particular. A managed WordPress web hosting package will typically utilize built in caching. This caching is at the server level. Because of this, sites that use managed hosting providers have faster load times. When a user browses to WordPress sites with server level caching, the speed is noticeably faster. In fact, you could improve load times to less than 1 second. To increase your audience satisfaction and overall site performance, pay the extra cost for managed hosting.

Comprehensive Support

Finally, managed WordPress hosting providers offer their customers top-notch customer support. Most providers supply assistance from WordPress experts themselves. If you are on a managed plan, you could be eligible for priority support. If you aren’t, you should still have access to phone, chat and ticket support. Thus, you will be able to receive quality answers to any questions or issues that arise. In addition, you can still search for solutions on your own. WordPress has numerous forums that are available online. Then, you can finish working on your site and provide your audience with new content in a timely manner. Hence, the comprehensive support is yet another reason to invest in managed hosting.

Regardless of the type of site you run, managed WordPress hosting can improve it. Managed hosting providers increase sites’ global reach through large infrastructure. They also update security features during automatic updates, which saves users time. The security features are also much more advanced than the features other hosting options offer. Consumers navigate through sites quicker when they use managed hosting and finally, they have access to the best customer support services. These are all reasons to put your money into managed WordPress hosting.

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