Single Screen Life: Should You Use Your Television as a Computer Monitor?

TVWhy should you bother using your television as your computer monitor? Using one tool for dual purposes makes sense. There already are a number of people that use their TV screens not just a TV screen, but also as a monitor.

This technology could be used better if you get a satellite package for movies. If you chose to go the satellite packages route, you can get exclusive offers for new customers. So, why should you jump the bandwagon and stick to one device? Let’s find out.

Pros of Combining

  1. Saves space. You might not have room for multiple applications. Because computer monitors are smaller, they would take up less space. If you want to get information from a spreadsheet and look at multiple websites too, you would have better option through your bigger device, the television.
  2. You have media options. By using your television, you can take advantage of the media options, such as movies, television shows, videos, etc. You’ll also get the shows available on the computer. You won’t have to be limited by the free networks. Netflix and iTunes have hundreds of movie titles you can pick.
  3. Saves money. Because you are hooking the computer to your television, you wouldn’t have to spend more money on the DVD player. You also don’t have to buy a gaming console. You can write off certain business expenses.
  4. Applications connect to Internet. The televisions have apps that link to Netflix or web browser.You can access your social media accounts and other opportunities.

Cons of Combining 

  1. Sony created the software. The system in televisions is not as good as the software in other electronics.
  2. Can’t listen to music. According to the NPD Group, Internet televisions are used to watch television and nothing else. Connected Intelligence Application & Convergence report highlights that nearly six out of ten consumers who own a connected HDTV are accessing Over-the-Top (OTT) video services through the device. Consumers are used to using their television as a television and not a computer.
  3. No updates are available. Internet-connected televisions don’t get regular updates.
  4. Televisions are spying on users. Advertisers want to know what people are doing online and while watching television.

How to Buy a HDTV as a PC Monitor           

According to Digital Trends, you want to forget the features, Sony and other companies want you to consider. If it plays Blu-Ray movies well on your television, it will play well from your PC too. Experts want you to consider these issues before purchasing.

  • Input Lag
  • PIxel Density
  • 4:4:4 Chroma Mapping
  • Image Retention

Input lag is the time between taking action and seeing it on the screen. A television with significant lag will make your computer feel slow. A lag can decrease accuracy of the information. While some people hardly notice it, others see it more often on certain devices. You want 100 milliseconds of lag and no more.

Pixel density is the number of pixels packed into a space, either per inch or centimeter. More pixels per inch means you have a sharper view. Large televisions don’t have many pixels per inch, which means your image will not look as good.

Chroma subsampling is an encoding technique used to compress the amount of space a video takes while sacrificing color. A unit that doesn’t take from the color is called 4:4:4 Chroma mapping.If you have a monitor that isn’t 4:4:4 Chroma Mapping compatible could cause you problems.

Image retention relates to pictures that become permanent on plasma televisions. While manufacturers have resolved this problem, some issues remain.

After you have weighed the pros and cons and considered the issues that could arise from your television, you are ready to connect your television to your computer. You will have more versatility because you have one device that serves two purposes. Just follow the recommendations of the experts on what to buy.

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