Why iPhone Users Need the iPhone Tracker

smartphone lostHaving your phone stolen isn’t a good experience to say the least. You lose important data, your contacts, and messages. But you know what? 23% percent of us have been through this in the past year. And, out of the total phones that were stolen, 50% were iPhones. The good news is, this has become a situation in which the digital age proverb “there’s an app for that” fits quite well.

I’m always talking to you guys about how you can use technology smartly to solve your everyday life matters. Today, I’m going to tell you the story of 2 people who are doing just that.

Sarah Maguire Confronts Thief

The first story is of a 26-year-old yoga instructor woke up to find that her phone was missing. She checked in with her roommate. Hers was missing too.

smartphone lost2

Instead of accepting her fate, Maguire used iPhone tracking, which took her straight to the robber’s door. She managed to get both her and her roommates phone back!

Elizabeth Curtiss Catches Thief Red-handed

smartphone lost3

Elizabeth Curtis, aged 18 was leaving a local theatre with her friend Annika Anderson, aged 15, when she reached into her purse for her iPhone and couldn’t find it. Even attempts at tracing back her steps and a thorough search of the theatre were unsuccessful. That’s when the two girls decided to use iPhone tracking software, which told them that the phone was still somewhere in the theatre. With renewed courage, they went up to a policeman who helped them in their quest. Thankfully, this search party was enough to make the thief (in this case an employee of the theatre itself) confess. Curtiss got her phone back, problem solved!

You Too Can Use iPhone Tracker

What I wanted you guys to know what that there is a lesson to be learnt here. When your phone has your contact list, your passwords, maybe even your bank account, you need to take proper security measures. If your phone ever gets lost or stolen, you’ll need to follow a similar action plan that the ladies mentioned above used.

Let’s talk tracking. If you’re installing iPhone tracker onto your own device, then your iPhone becomes the target phone. This is great because in the event of theft, you can remotely access your phone and spy the iPhone text messages. You’ll be able to know all the places the thief has been with your device by viewing their travel route on a map. This way, you won’t run in circles when trying to track them out. Once you’ve caught trail of the thief, you can view their current location history to know where your stolen device is in real time.

Sarah Maguire and Elizabeth Curtis used this feature and it led them right to their phones. It should work for you too!

What To Do If You Still Can’t Find It

Let’s face it: you might not always be as lucky as Sarah or Elizabeth. Your phone once lost might remain lost. Good thing iPhone tracker software backs up your data for you. Additionally, you can remotely wipe all the data from your iPhone so the thief would have no way to access it.

The story of these two girls is a lesson learnt in technology. When your iPhones contain much of your online identity, you ought to take better care of it!

What about you guys? Has your phone ever been stolen? What did you do to get it back? Let me know in a comment below!

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