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todo backup freeAs someone who doesn’t like spending money on software unless I really have to, I’m always on the hunt for free programs that can help protect my computer. Ever since I started using the Internet I’ve had the most essential protection software, and I rarely paid any money for it. The top three are antivirus and antispyware programs and firewalls.

Other programs that I use to protect my computer, and specifically my important personal files are data recovery and backup programs. With all the viruses spreading around and hackers lurking online, looking to steal or destroy your personal data, we should remind ourselves of the need to protect and back up our important files.

EaseUS has the perfect free solution that will suit your needs: Todo Backup, one of the best backup software, which lets you keep copies of your important files in a secure location. It can back up your entire operating system, files, applications and settings, it can create bootable copies of your system drive, it supports disk cloning and it offers easy disaster recovery options.

The software is reliable, easy to use and it supports all the latest operating systems, including windows 10. If you need an easy solution for windows 10 system backup and you don’t want to spend any money, then Todo backup is the perfect program for you. Besides System Backup, there is a number of other options:

You can back up the entire disk or volume through Disk Imaging, and if you’d rather select which files you want to backup, then use the File Backup option. The Sector-by-Sector backup allows your to store an exact copy of your disk, including unused space, on another partition of your hard drive or on external media. This way, you can save a 100% identical copy of your original drive.

If you’re interested in a Full Backup, then use this option to be able to restore the exact configuration of your PC, including operating system, applications and settings and all your files. Migration and Clone allows you to quickly and easily migrate your system to another hard drive (hdd) or solid state drive (ssd). If you want to learn how to clone hdd to sdd, then head to EaseUS web site and download a copy of the free software. The Check Image option allows you to check the integrity of the image file and makes sure the backed up files can be restored without any loss of data. You can also create a Linux based emergency disk, which you can use to boot  up the system in case of emergency and restore the system.

The recovery options are also quite impressive: you can recover the entire Windows system in a matter of minutes and you’ll have your original system in the same place, or in a new location that you choose. Or if you rather recover individual files, then use the Selective File Restore to save time.

You can save your operating system and/or files to multiple locations, such as CD/DVD, local hard drive partitions, external hard drives iSCSI devices or on local or remote network locations.

Todo Backup supports hard drives up to 4 TB, USB 3.0, Pre-OS recovery environment and you can select one of these languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish or Chinese. There are simply too many options to list. For detailed list of features, I suggest you go to the Todo Backup features page.

I read many great reviews about EaseUS software and I have tried it successfully myself, including Todo Backup. I would recommend to all users to try this very useful program. The personal version is free. For professional users and businesses, EaseUS offers a range of professional versions with additional features for a small price.

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