Best TV providers for Mobile Streaming

dreamtimeThe world is gradually changing thanks to more technology that has made life easier for us. Now we do not have to sit in front of our television sets in order to watch our favorite shows as we have the ease to stream things live on our mobile devices. There are several providers offering streaming services and the biggest issue is the selection of the right service.

In this article I will be comparing the various mobile streaming apps that a range of different TV providers have to offer and evaluate which one gives the best mobile viewing and streaming experience.


Probably the most popular and best TV service provider for mobile streaming has to be Netflix. Unlike other mobile streaming services, Netflix is not only affordably priced but also has a great selection of movies and TV shows as well as a range of different services available to everyone. Netflix also allows people to watch videos on demand at anytime, anywhere from any compatible device using the app.

The app works amazingly well, even better than the online website, as videos are loaded rapidly, you can view all movies and shows from there and the picture is sharp and vibrant. Netflix also allows people to watch movies and TV shows as many times as they want and doesn’t have a limit on the amount of times it can be watched or it’s available for. The streaming giant allows for people to have a one month free trial before subscribing so they know exactly what they’re paying for. The downside to Netflix is that new movies aren’t added as regularly as hopes and it takes a while for new releases to be added, if they are at all.


TV service providing giant HBO’s mobile streaming app HBO Go is also another popular and high quality service that now allows everyone, whether they’re subscribed to HBO or not, to get the service. It has now become an independent subscription due to the high demand for more lee-way and flexibility with who can access it and who can’t. The content that HBO Go offers is one of its main selling points and attraction. The app allows you to access movies and popular TV shows that have and are being broadcasted on the channel. There are many pros to the app, the simplicity and ease of using it being one. The authentication process only has to be completed once and then customers can log in with ease on any device after that. The app also has a range of categories to browse through, an advanced search bar and suggestions and recommendations. The mobile streaming is good quality, however, it does tend to stop, especially if your phone isn’t a top of the range, advanced model due to the high quality setting the videos are played in.

TiVo Stream

TiVo Stream is the latest feature offered by TiVo to customers and allows customers to download and stream shows on their IOS devices. This allows customers to make the most of their TiVo service and manage their timetable and recordings from any place, anywhere. Although TiVo Stream has a lot of positive features such as allowing multiple people to stream at once and watch the shows they want to and provides fast and high quality videos, it isn’t without its limitations. TiVo Stream is only compatible with the latest TiVo models such as the Premiere 4 and Premiere Elite, this can be quite frustrating as people with older model boxes would have to upgrade and may have to pay to do so. TiVo Stream only works on IOS devices as the app is only available on Apple products as they’ve got the right technology to play the videos and allow for the other features and services to be used. TiVo Stream isn’t an overly expensive addition to the TiVo service however it is limited to IOS devices and the latest TiVo models.

All of these TV service providers offer good mobile streaming services and are very popular. For every person, there is a streaming app that is compatible with their device and provides them with the best streaming experience and quality. There are also bundles such as DirecTV Packages that can help to improve and enhance viewing experience and increase satisfaction.

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