Top 5 Latest Laptops with Mini Reviews

With hundreds of manufacturers now stepping in the ring and competing for best laptop, it becomes hard for a consumer to find the right deal. There are restrictions like specs, money, usage and others that drive the consumers. But to ease up things a bit, here are some of the best gadgets to look for.


macbook pro retinaApple being the innovator in technology offers one of the best laptops. MacBook is without a shadow of doubt, leading laptop in the market. It is equipped with super specs like 8 to 16 GB of ram, IPS-Retina Display, maximum of a mammoth 512 GB hard disk, a blazing Quad Core 2.3Ghz processor to make your system perform lightning fast. With this laptop you can access more than 1000’s of apps through apple store.

2. SAMSUNG ATIV book 9

ativ b9 liteThe worlds second best wanted Electronics Company after apple is Samsung. Samsung Ativ book 9 is a robust laptop built with an ultra slim design that makes the laptop the thinnest laptop till date. This is a laptop designed for both professional and personal needs. The technical specs loaded on this laptop are a solid Intel Core i5-3337U processor and a 128 GB of possible memory space. It also offers 3 USB ports that can be used for external purposes.


pro ultra book sonyOne of the best state of the art laptop manufacturers Sony launched its flagship model Sony Vaio Pro Ultra book. This Pro book has been loaded with a 4GB RAM, 256 GB of memory space and not just that it weighs just 2 pounds. A large screen that offers a touch capacitive feature which means you can use it as a tablet or a laptop at the same time. There are plenty of USB ports and a powerful speedy processor. Sony lovers know that this model has everything to offer their needs.


sony duo 13 laptopStanding in line after its relative Vaio Pro Ultrabook, is Sony Vaio Duo 13. This laptop features a Core i5 processor similar to its successor. This machine was built for those who want much more and less anticipation. Entrepreneurs and students will find this a perfect match with their image. It weighs 1pound extra than the Ultrabook. The most promising feature of this laptop is its 6 hour backing up battery.


lenovo touchThe Chinese company Lenovo has also stepped in the big field. You can put away your desktop pc since this was designed for those who use a desktop pc and want a laptop at an affordable price. It is a winning combination of both price and tech. equipped with a 2.6 GHZ Robust

processor; it stands strong to run windows without a single hiccup. It also boasts the latest windows 8 operating system along with touch screen feature to allow you to make use of both keyboard and tablet.

If you are still confused about laptops, why not rent a laptop for a test drive and then make the right decision?

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  1. your suggestion are good,But i think samsung brand are so many quality full brand.You can find more stylish notebook or laptop.

    ekattorshop | Jun 28, 2016 | Reply

  2. And that’s what’s expected from a business machine these days, among others. It should also be thin and light, durable so it will withstand the daily hassle, and secure. The Vaio Pro 13 can’t thick all the check-boxes, at least not the base configuration that we tested here. But it ticks most of them.

    Brother Printer Support | Dec 22, 2016 | Reply

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