Computer Pattern Lock for Windows

downloadAdvancement in technology has been rapid and most people have embraced it by having their own personal computers. However, the issue of security when it comes to the use of computers is a crucial thing as most unauthorized individuals may be curious enough to view other people’s files.

Thanks to XUS, who came up with a secure way to lock computer windows, this can be prevented. XUS PC Lock requires that the user designs a pattern by drawing it with the mouse to create some form of unique combination which cannot be easily traced by third parties or unauthorized users. Every time your windows times out, you are required to draw the pattern and not to forget it so as to unlock the PC. This system, which works much like the lock pattern on android phones, is used and appreciated by many users. It has given them the security they need without having to use regular password locks.

It is true that no one appreciates the intruders in our PCs and the method to achieve this is by locking their access to OS system. With the use of the pattern, it is advisable to turn off your computer Internet connections in case it gets locked with the pattern.

Advantages of this system

  • You can set an alarm such that in case of an incorrect attempt to unlock your computer, you get notified.
  • It is also possible to back up your pattern lock with the local drive in your computer using an image file format.
  •  Setting a costume message on your lock screen is also possible and this gives your computer a unique outlook.
  • XUS PC Lock windows pattern works well with devices with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.
  • This software guarantees you the security as one cannot crack it down just like the textual passwords.
  • The pattern locks your computer immediately after booting it up. The advantage is that you can set the number of wrong trials after which you will get alarmed for unauthorized attempts to your PC.
  • It is possible to lock the keyboard of your computer for full security as one can attempt other ways of unlocking your computer using the keyboard.
  • This pattern gives the user three methods to unlock their computer. In the normal method, you can see the pattern as you draw. In secure mode, one cannot see the pattern as you draw and this is very good especially when you are in a crowded place. In dynamic mode, one has to unlock it by writing alphabets in a respective manner depending on the pattern.

You can download this software for $19.95 at

Eusing Maze Lock Pattern

This is another program that can be used to prevent unwanted access to personal computers. You draw a pattern of your choice across the dots that are in form of a matrix, which works just like the android phones and XUS PC lock mentioned above. The number of dots that are used to draw the pattern is decided by the user. It is important for one not to draw complex patterns that can be easily forgotten as this could give you hard task of unlocking your computer.

You can download this program for free at or at the CNET’s download website.

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