3 Best Photo Recovering Tips!

photoDigital photography has made everything so simple, in fact everybody uses digi-cam so extensively that people have forgotten how it used to feel like when cameras were dug up for special occasions! Of course the craze hasn’t ended, thanks to technology that has made the experience of photography all the way more interesting.

Back in the early days, photos were clicked on rare occasions; it’s almost stunning to see that nowadays we take photos with our gadgets at any given opportunity. But with digital photography comes the risk of accidentally deleting the images, or formatting of memory card, and worst is memory card failure! So in this post, we’ll be discussing about how to avoid getting the photos deleted, and in case of that how to recover them!

Don’t Use Memory Card

If you know that the photos in your  memory card needs to be recovered, then stop using that card right away! The reason behind it is for every new image you click, a significant amount of data from the memory card gets overwritten. This overwriting is major with the video files, i.e. a video file is usually bulky as compared to an image, hence the new data will automatically be written over where the video file is saved. So when you know that there are images which you have to repair and reclaim, the simplest thing to do is avoid using the card in order to preserve those images.

Memory cards normally use FAT file system, and because of that it becomes cumbersome to recover the files which are in fragments. Moreover the first letter of the file might get lost in FAT file system which makes the searching inconvenient.

Don’t Use The Camera

Images not displaying properly? If you notice something is fishy with the images, or with the camera, the loss of data is undeniable. Any uncommon behavior of your camera may be a result of wrong settings. Whatever it is, it’s suggested to stop using the camera until you have rectified your problem.

Employ A Card Reader

When you have realized that several of images have been lost, it’s time to recover those files. A card reader is best option to utilize in such a case because it gives better handling while recovering bad sectors, and at the same time it’s very fast! In case you read a bad sector with the help of memory card and cable, the data recovery software will hang, so neither you’ll be able to recover images nor will you be able to scan the data!

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  1. Have you tried Stellar Phoenix photo recovery yet? Only couple of days before I recovered all photographs from an Android phone.

    Tom | Nov 6, 2013 | Reply

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