What Makes your Memory Card Data Inaccessible and Possible Fixes

sd-cardA memory card is also called a data storage card, flash memory card, or camera card. It is a small, portable, yet high capacity data storage device. Since this type of data storage devices is largely used in digital cameras and cell phones, they commonly store images, songs, videos, and audio files. Apart from all these useful features, the memory card is fragile in nature and can easily get corrupt which can cause inaccessibility of all stored data. Therefore let’s look at some common causes of memory card data corruption.

Haphazard ways of handling the cards are the major reasons of corruption. Here are some common mistakes that a user does unknowingly while handling his/her memory card, which corrupts the card and causes inaccessibility of all the stored data:

1. Some memory card users use a single memory card in more than one device. For example, they use one single card in more than one digital camera or mobile phone without formatting that card according to the device in which it is going to be used. This causes severe corruption in a memory card that causes the data to be ‘lost’.

2. Detaching the card abruptly from the device interrupts its ongoing processes and causes corruption in the card.

3. Viewing or accessing the images when the camera is indicating ‘low battery’ can also corrupt the card.

4. Exceeding the storage capacity of the card or filling the memory card up to its maximum limit can corrupt the card.

Improper ejection of the card from the computer or pulling the card out of the computer while the data is being transferred also causes the loss of data.

Since all above mentioned situations can corrupt the memory card, they also cause inaccessibility of the data stored in this card. The best way to overcome this is to back up the data. However, if proper and up-to-date backup is unavailable, the use of an efficient card recovery software is recommended. Reliable image recovery tool (card recovery software) has a do-it yourself user interface that does not require prior training or any kind of technical knowledge to successfully use the software and recover data.

Using reliable card recovery tool is the best remedy to overcome the photo loss caused by card corruption.

Amit has been working as a data recovery expert for the last 6 years. He is also doing research on image recovery tools. He loves to write about different data loss issues and on the new emerging trends in technology. Coding is in his blood, in coming days he will also contribute a lot on software and webscript coding related issues.

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