5 New High-Tech Features of Online Banking

moneyIn this new technological age, we’re moving forward at an incredible pace– we’re getting comparisons to the Industrial Revolution. So, what does all this mean for your wallet?  Well, with all the new features of online banking, keeping track of your bills has never been easier.

Mobile banking apps

Nowadays, you can keep tabs on your bills with your phone. Mobile banking apps (many of which are free) allow you to keep tabs on your bank balance and make payments– they’ll even help you find the nearest ATM.  Some versions of these apps can also turn you onto various merchant-funded deals and cashback rewards. With push notifications (plus GPS), you can also receive daily opportunities for deals near your location– what’s not to like?

Digital check depositing

In addition to keeping up on your bank balances and payments on your smartphone, you can also digitally deposit your checks. There are a few avenues:  you can scan the check, using either a specialized or flathead scanner, or you can even just snap a quick picture with your iPhone. Psh, deposit slips? Those are old news now!

Rewards systems to your favorite stores

With online banking, it’s easier than ever to keep up-to-date on rewards systems to your favorite stores. Plus, with all the new technology, more and more stores are offering rewards systems as incentive. The craze for rewards systems started with the popularization of flyer mile cards, and the that was only the beginning. These days, you’d be surprised by what deals you can get!

Email alerts

Are you a little on the forgetful side?  Absent-mindedness is not something you want to have to deal with when it comes to making payments. You don’t want those pesky late fees to get you! Luckily, you can now receive email alerts reminding you of outstanding payments and bills.  And while online banking is a great way to keep track of finances, if you are in need of debt help, it’s important to remember that there are many great resources out there to get you back on track.

Sync your accounts

Syncing your accounts is another great way to help you stay on top of all your finances.  And if you’re already a grade-A financial wizard, it’s still a great way to consolidate and organize all of your information.

For easy payments, you can sync all of your bills (everything from your rent to your cell service) to your bank account. This can help you budget your money better as well, as it gives you a pretty clear idea of just how much money you have leftover each month.  Whether you’re saving for a new house or a college fund, syncing your accounts can really help you with your banking.

We all have varying levels of competency when it comes to finances, but everyone, from the most accomplished financial analyst to the most confused starving artist, can agree that online banking (and all its perks) are a boon to society.

Online banking has made life much easier for those who used to spend hours a week taking care of their finances. Elaine McPartland suggests the above advice for anyone who might still be skeptical. You can check out her handiwork at ConsolidatedCredit.org where her and her colleagues offer advice for better debt management.

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