Best Backup Solutions for Your Data

hddOur computers have become electronic repositories of all our most important data. We store important documents on our PCS, precious photos and videos, presentations for work, and much, much more. If your hard drive were to crash right now — right while you are reading this article — would you be able to recover all the data that is on your computer?

If you aren’t backing up your data, unfortunately, the answer is likely “no”. Even the most talented techies can’t retrieve data from a hard drive that is completely fried. The only way to ensure that your data is safe is to back it up — regularly and through multiple channels. Here are some of the best backup solutions for your data:

Transfer to an External Hard Drive

An external hard drive can hold as much data as is on your desk top — maybe even more. You’ll have to set up the transfer manually, and it could take a long time, depending on how much data you are transferring. However, this method will ensure that you always have your data available — whether your hard drive crashes or whether you are just traveling or are away from your PC.

Burn to CDs or DVDs

An external hard drive can crash, just like the hard drive on your PC. Add an extra layer of protection by burning your most important data to a CD or DVD. Of course, you’ll have to transfer the data manually, so this can be a time-consuming process. However, so long as CDs and DVDs are current technology, they will protect your data. There’s no need to update the software and you don’t have to worry about the discs failing (unless you damage them).

Upload to Cloud Storage

There are many cloud storage services that allow you to upload your data and keep it safe and accessible from any device at any time. Some popular options include Drop Box, Google Drive and Box. Each service has its own storage limits for free users. However, you can get more space by signing up for a paid account. You can even set up automatic backups so you don’t have to remember (and risk forgetting) to do it.

Use Backup Software

There are many software packages that will back up your data for you on the schedule that you set. These software packages can backup your data daily, automatically indexing the changes that you have made on your computer. They can also provide a full system backup — which is especially useful if you are going to reformat or replace your hard drive or other components of your system.

Don’t let a computer virus or a problem with your hard drive cause you to lose important documents and priceless memories. Make sure you regularly back up your data using one of these methods or a combination of them. You’ll be happy you did when your hard drive fails and you’re able to grab all your data from your external hard drive or other storage device.


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