What is a VoCable and How Does It Present an Awesome Solution for Accessing Internet Using Cable Modem?

vocableAccessing Internet by using cable modem is amongst the latest technological advancements in the area of networking. The cable networks have a wide setup of infrastructure and are commonly used for distributing television programs.

By using the existing network of cables to offer Internet access, an entirely new paradigm has opened up to achieve Internet access. The cable modems that are used in cable networks offer line speeds of 300 kilobytes per second and more than that for internet access; they also distribute TV programs. By launching voice over cable networks (VoCable), new challenges like security and quality of service are certainly introduced, but the idea is certainly more than promising to say the least. The primary wire used in conventional cable networks can’t be really used in the VoCables, and lot of other requirements also needs to be taken care of, when implementing the new cable lines for using VoCables in future.

Benefits of VoCable

The analog gateways and digital media meet the growing needs for converged network services like the delivery of voice services over cable networks. Users have been paying separately for telephony, internet, and television to the individual service providers for quite some time. But with the introduction of IP telephony based on cable wires, the communication services have got simplified to a great extent while all the above mentioned services get consolidated in a single package and that too at a much lower cost.

A majority of the cable operators are already working through the technical challenges involved in offering such internet services. They are exploiting the bandwidth existing in their primary cables to deliver high speed internet. Currently, they have shifted their focus towards providing integrated internet and voice services by using the same cable spectrum.

Theory of Working

VoCable works based on digital signal processing by changing your voice into a digital signal, which is transferred over the internet cable. For instance, consider the case when you call a phone number. At this instant, the signal is converted into a normal phone signal before reaching the destination.

Some of the VOIP services can allow you to make a call directly from a computer, special VOIP phone or a normal phone connected to a unique adapter. Furthermore, wireless spots in few places like airports allow you to stay connected online and help you to use VOIP services wirelessly.

How Does VoCable Help?

An ideal solution for VoCable sports a complete bunch of interoperable Voice over IP software for delivering toll quality multi-channel voice service. It also efficiently and effectively addresses the problems associated with the quality of service like network delay and loss of service.

Challenges Faced by Cable Providers

Among the problems faced by the service providers, the most notable one is the power failure, which leads to the failure of all their services too. The other problem is that a high performance low power digital signal processor has to provide both echo cancellation as well as noise reduction.

This assists in proper analog functionality. And, yet another challenge is that VoCables are more open to security risks. Several new technologies have been developed to address this issue in order to ensure that the data packets are directed properly.

We can hope to see extensive practical applications of VoCables in the coming years, but the practical implementation of VoCables will certainly need some more time. And, when that happens, the real problems in practical implementation will only be evident at that point of time.

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