Is Windows 8 a Significant Improvement over its Predecessors?

Windows 8 significant improvementThe sales figures and market share of Windows 7 narrate the story of its success. It was able to surpass Windows Vista by offering far better security controls and troubleshooting packs. Windows 8, the next big thing in the Windows series, is already launched. Windows 8 brings a range of enhancements over its predecessor. It features a new-style interface along with the traditional desktop. You can now enjoy touchscreen with Windows 8 for easy accessibility and navigation.

The below given points will manifest how Windows 8 makes all the difference:

Windows 8 Touch

Undoubtedly, user interface makes the first point of difference between the two releases of Windows. The touch feature was there in the former version (i.e. Windows 7), but it was not that effective. However, the touch support has improved dramatically in Windows 8. A kind of intelligence has been built into Windows now that makes it guess what you want to do. In addition, the replacement of menus with tiles allows you to easily select the desired program. You can also enjoy the benefits of advanced on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition feature in Windows 8.

Windows 8 Start Screen

The Start menu that you are used to is now a thing of the past. If you hover in the bottom-left of the monitor screen, you will see a new Start screen consisting of tiles. It is very much like the Windows Phone’s home screen. You can navigate to the desired tile and click it to open the corresponding desktop App or Windows 8 Modern UI Apps.

Improved Multiple Monitor Support

Windows 8 presents you with a better desktop management model. You can choose to have multiple monitors, some of them containing the Start screen while others having the Windows 8 desktop with a different background. Further, it is possible to divide your screen between Modern UI Windows 8 apps. This means that you can access more than one apps within the same screen space.

Windows 8 Charms

This is an impressive feature of Windows 8. You will see the Windows 8 Charms menu if you move the mouse to the right-hand side of the screen. In case you are using a touch display, you can swipe in from the right. ‘Charms’ gives you easy access to the Start screen and a range of other features, such as Search, Share, Settings, and Devices. You can anytime search for an app, share files and folders, access volume and brightness controls, and more.

Windows 8 Search and Social

You can access the Windows 8 Search either through the Start screen or the Search charm. You can choose to look for your data files or search inside a particular app. You can also explore the Web from within the ‘Search’. Windows 8 also has native support for social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Windows 8 also includes a SkyDrive app to facilitate cloud storage. You can anytime sync your data as well as the Windows 8 PC’s settings to this app.

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