RIM Puts BlackBerry 10 in the Spotlight

blackberry2The stage is set for the Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM), to re-establish the standard in mobile computing with the release of its BlackBerry 10 platform. The new CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, has divulged that he doesn’t believe the company is just creating a new operating system for mobile devices. Rather, they are creating a new precedent for smartphones and tablets to have the same computing power as computers themselves.

The new BlackBerry 10 platform comes with a bounty of new features that are groundbreaking for mobile computing. BlackBerry 10 users will be able to jump between applications instantaneously, which is a feature called Flow on the new platform. Users will also be able to check messages from contacts while in any screen with a new feature called Peak. A notification center called HUB will allow users to check notifications with a single swipe. One of the coolest features of BlackBerry 10 is the ability to time-shift photos. Users who snap a photo a second too late and catch the subject in mid-blink will be able to rewind the image of the subject’s face and correct the blink into a beautiful pose.

RIM Marketing for the new BlackBerry 10 platform is no-nonsense, with straight to the point messaging to its current and potential consumer base. RIM tracks Facebook and Twitter comments and claims to have already received a ton of feedback from previous BlackBerry users wanting to switch back. CMO Frank Boulben, says the company will focus not on the competition’s flaws, rather focusing on the features that separate BlackBerry 10 from the rest of the herd.  Showing, not telling consumers the features of competitors’ operating systems has proved to be successful in marketing mobile computing devices. The company is doing exactly that with a social media marketing push called its “Reasons to Believe” campaign. RIM has launched a website where BlackBerry “believers” can share the reason they believe in the new BlackBerry 10 platform. Believers can then share their reasons on Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter by using the hash tag #BB10Believe. In addition to just sharing why they believe the BlackBerry 10 platform is the best, developers can also submit their own application and enter to win a $10,000 prize being offered by RIM.

RIM has also released a promotional music video currently being shared on its social media channels. The video features geeky, middle aged RIM executives in an ‘80s parody music video singing along and playing instruments to the REO Speedwagon song, “I’m Gonna Keep on Loving You”.

The date to watch out for is January 30, 2013, shortly after which, Heins says we can expect to have BlackBerry 10 equipped devices in our hands.  In an interview with CNET, Heins hinted at the possibility of a BlackBerry 10 tablet device to accompany the smartphone devices. When questioned about a BlackBerry 10 tablet he simply smiled insinuatingly and responded, “Mmm, were thinking about it”.

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