How to Get the Best Out of your iPhone Battery

iPhone batteryMost people would want that their iPhone should go on and on before the battery needs a charge. However, you also know that it is just wishful thinking and that the battery needs to be recharged at regular intervals. However, for people on the move constantly with no access to a power source, it can be a real pain. Such people need to learn to stretch iPhone’s battery life to get the maximum out of it in a single charge. The iPhone 4 can go on for 2 full days with continuous usage before it begs to be recharged.

Here are a few tips that you could follow to get maximum mileage from your iPhone battery.

Avoid a bright screen

Most people do not bother to check the brightness of the screen on most devices, like a PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and even an iPhone. More often than not, you buy a device and start using it in the same condition that it was in when you got it from the store. Maybe, a friendly store attendant would have taken the trouble to have the basic things activated, and you just started happily using it without checking a single thing. Adjusting the screen brightness is good in two ways. Firstly, your eyes are protected from the harsh glare. More important is that the battery lasts considerably longer when the screen brightness is set less than 45%. It is easy, and you can do it yourself. Just go to settings, and select Brightness and position the slider midway, or more towards the less bright side. Once you turn on the auto-dim feature, it adjusts itself according to the lighting.

Bluetooth and WiFi are the culprits

How many times have you turned on the Bluetooth to download something or exchange some interesting bit of information with a friend or family member? Quite often, as most of us do, however, what you would most certainly have forgotten is to turn off the Bluetooth simply because you forgot about it once the task was completed. Bluetooth draws steadily on the power and drains the battery alarmingly quickly. The same applies when you have your WiFi turned on. When the WiFi is on and not in use, it keeps scanning the vicinity, looking for hotspots and other networks, thus drawing upon the vital resources in your battery and draining it.

Apps that you do not need

Most of you must have downloaded a lot of apps onto your iPhone. There is no denying the fact that some apps have become essential parts of everyday lives. However, the important thing to remember is that you need to turn off apps that are not in use, or face the consequences, in this case loss of battery life. The radio may be on when you were last listening to it and you may have forgotten to turn if off once you took off the headphones. The music continues to play and saps the life out of your phone battery. The same thing goes for the music networking system called Ping. If you have that turned on, please have it disabled in order to extend the battery life by several hours.

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